Origin   Insistence   Tranquil Alley


      1. Origin-

Le Parker Business Hotel has started official operations since 2001, the first hotel specially designed for business people in Fengchia. We offer a new accommodation experience “Visual Beauty & Living Accommodation” for our guests.


      2. Insistence-

Our business philosophy is **Work for the Team, not the Individual**

Our team has adhered to the teamwork concept to deal with the internal and external affairs. We believe that our guests can feel the most warmth when the many hands of the staff work as one.

In addition to our thoughtful services, Le Parker keeps close tabs on everything for our guests. We insist on cryogenic distribution of our food and only use certified vegetables and fruit that are pesticide free, to let our customers have delicious meals with peace of mind.


      3. Tranquil Alley-

It is located in the quietest alley in the Fengchia Night Market. It only takes 1 to 2 minutes to walk from the hall to the McDonald’s in Fengchia. Its tranquil accommodations feature an irreplaceable low-key environment. Le Parker located **in an alley** is waiting for the guest who **have an eye for it** to discover something wonderful.