1. Hotel check-in time: After 15:00; check-out time: Before 11:00.
2. When the maximum number of people allowed for a certain room type is exceeded, our staff will ask you to rent one more room. If our hotel is full, additional NT$ 500 should be paid for one more people (this fee varies during the Chinese New Year).
3. We deeply know that your pet is one member of your family. To take care of your pets in the professional and appropriate manner, we will introduce some of the nearby pet shops for them.
4. To maintain guests’ healthy and comply with laws and regulations, smoking is forbidden throughout the property. If you want to smoke, go outside of the hall of the hotel or go to the small garden outside of the 8F Business Center. Note! The hotel is equipped with a more sensitive fire-fighting system. If the fire-fighting system is activated due to smoking by guest, he or she should pay for some loss entirely.
5. The hotel has a mechanical parking garage and an outdoor contracted parking lot. Our hotel staff will arrange a suitable parking space for you based on the booking order and vehicle size. After you unload your luggage at the entrance of the hotel, our hotel staff will guide you to the parking lot. It takes about 5 to 8 minutes to walk to our outdoor contracted parking lot.
6. If you want to book a room for holidays, special holidays, or the eve before holidays, or need special room types, you have to pay one third of the price as deposit in advance. The following rules apply to deposit cancellation:
*For the one who cancels his/her booking on the check-on date, his or her deposit will be forfeited. We will issue and send an invoice to his/her designated address.
*For the one who cancels his/her booking three (3) days before check-on date, his or her deposit will be retained for three (3) months. If he/she does not ask us to extend the retention period before this period, the previous rule apply. His or her deposit will be forfeited. We will issue and send an invoice to his/her designated address.
*When the Bureau of Meteorology issues a land warning for typhoon, you can apply for extension or cancel booking, we will return your deposit. In this case, call us at 3 p.m. on the check-in date.
7. The following items are available for borrowing for free:
*Stationary supplies
*Simple medicine boxes, saline solutions, thermometers, nail clippers
*Desk lamps, iron sets, bottle sterilizers, baby bath tub sets, single duvet
*Dehumidifiers, air cleaners
*Umbrellas, bottle openers, electric mosquito coils, portable weighing machines
*Car emergency starter batteries